Commercialization of emerging technologies
Technology Application Field of Use
Distributed fiberoptic sensors Continuous blood gas monitor Medical Device
LFTS | miRNA biomarkers Ovarian cancer Medical Device
Terahertz arrays Brownout navigation Military / Security
Non-toxic quantum dots Biolabeling, Taggants Life Science / Military
HTMM imaging polarimeter Chiral drug development Biopharma
Time-correlated fluorescence detection Circulating tumor cells Medical Device
Time-correlated single photon counting In vivo optical tomography Medical Device
Wound dressings | Nitric Oxide Cutaneous injuries Medical Device
Lateral flow test strips Enteric pathogens Medical Device
Lateral flow test strips Concussion, TBI Medical Device
Fluorescent probe labeling Atherosclerotic plaque Medical Device
LSPR nanosensors Ovarian cancer, MRSA Medical Device

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